Post Malone: "I Only Have One Good Song"

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The "White Iverson" performer speaks with Nardwuar.

(AllHipHop News) Post Malone was the latest artist to do an interview with Nardwuar. The Human Serviette asked Post about performing his first hit "White Iverson" more than once at shows. The Texas-bred performer's answer included him giving a self-deprecating review of his catalog.

"I had like three songs out. I only had one good song. I still only have one good song, but I had to do it first and I had to do it last ‘cause no one knew who the hell I was," stated Post Malone.

Currently, Post has reached platinum status with several records including "White Iverson," "Too Young," and "Congratulations." His double plat record "Rockstar" featuring 21 Savage has spent the last eight weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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