Pras Gets Aggressive With Photographer After Child Support Hearing

Mike Winslow

Pras almost lost his cool and a photographer narrowly avoided an ass whipping.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Pras almost got into it with a photographer outside of a New York courthouse earlier today (February 10th).

According to The New York Post, Pras snapped on one of their photographers after his child support hearing.

The Fugees rap star allegedly broke part of the photographer's camera during his fit of rage when R. Umar Abbasi started taking pictures of him.

According to Abbasi, the only reason Pras didn't beat him up was because a court officer intervened, and stopped any further escalation.

The former Fugees star, real name Prakazrel Michel, is currently in a battle to have his $4,800 a month child support payments to his son Landon's mom Angela Severiano lowered.

Pras was pissed off because the nine-year-old has been reading the bad press about his famous dad's battle over the child $127,000 back child support bill.

The judge is ordering Pras to fork over $20,000 of the back bill by March 2nd or face further consequences.

Pras isn't exactly hurting for money - he just cannot access the cash that he does have.

Pras says he's struggling since the U.S. frozen over $75 million of his money over accusations of campaign-finance violations connected to a global financial scandal and Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

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Damn the U.S. froze 75 mill of his money WTF.... So he can't feed his seeds. That is U.S. Bullshitt... SMH...