Pras Is Hoping "Elon Musk" Will Help Him Make Child Support Payments

Pras says his child support payments are way too much as he battles the feds.

(AllHipHop News) Fugees star Pras Michel has requested that his $4,800 a month child support payments be reduced as he struggles financially.

The 46-year-old rapper is hoping that the release of his new album Elon Musk will help boost his income, but his lawyer Judith White stated in a hearing at Manhattan Family Court on Monday that at the moment he's finding it hard to pay his child support and other legal bills.

”My client is aware that he has to reinvent himself... so that he is able to pay money for this child and he is doing everything in his ability (to do that) such as attempting to release a new album called Elon Musk," White told a judge. "He hit a very hard low and is attempting to bring himself up in the best way he knows, through his art. Right now he simply has no income."

However, Severiano's lawyer, Robert Wallack, argued that the motion to lower child support payments should be dismissed, as he claimed Michel hasn't provided the necessary financial documentation to prove his struggling state.

"We have no idea what his income is. We have no idea what the sources of his money are because he has not provided a sworn affidavit,” Wallack said. "How is he traveling? How did he fly to town for this appearance? How did he fly to Washington DC three times in the last two months? How is he supporting his lifestyle? He is releasing a new album. It’s preposterous to sit here and say, through his attorney, that he has no money and no access to money."

Outside court, Pras Michel, who has maintained his innocence amid federal charges for allegedly conspiring with fugitive Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho to make and conceal foreign campaign contributions to boost a U.S. presidential candidate's bid, told reporters that the feds took $75 million of his $100 million fortune, while his manager has taken the remaining $25 million.

“I’m doing everything I can. I’m not trying to not pay child support. The best thing I can do is work on my creative,” he said. “Hopefully it will be successful and then once it’s successful then everything will be back to normal.

“For six years we have no problem. I paid (child support). I am not trying to run away from my responsibilities."