Pras Launching New Website For Black People During Superbowl 52

AllHipHop Staff

Pras is aiming to revolutionize black culture online with his new venture, Blacture.

(AllHipHop News) Founding Fugees group member Pras is about to launch a new website dedicated to Black Culture, and he's chosen a huge arena to do it - the Super Bowl.

Pras will debut a 30-second spot during Super Bowl 52 promoting his new website Blacture.

According to the rapper, Blacture will feature unique content from prominent artists and influencers and will represent stories that are untold or underreported in mass media.

"Pras is passionate about giving black culture a voice, and, given the controversy surrounding Black Lives Matter that unfolded throughout the NFL season and the conversations taking place in the American political arena, he believes that this is the time for a call to amplify the underserved voices in black culture," a representative for Pras told in a statement.

The rapper, who also runs a venture capital fund called DuSable Capital, spared no expense to create his 30-second spot during the big game.

Pras tapped critically acclaimed director Antoine Fuqua to direct the commercial, which will air during the third quarter of Super Bowl 52.

Check out a teaser.