President Of Uganda Goes Hip-Hop With New Song

(AllHipHop News) The President of Uganda launched a rap career during a campaign rally dubbed the "National Resistance Movement Solidarity Concert" over the weekend, in an attempt to gain new young voters. President Yoweri Museveni appeared at the rally in full military fatigues. As the President and his entourage arrived, musician Eddy Kenzo, known in the region for his hit song "Stamina" was performing. As rapper GNL Zamba, of Luganda finished up his performance, the DJ brought in an unfamiliar song featuring Museveni. Then, President Museveni grabbed the microphone and shocked his supporters when he began performing the song with lyrics in the Runyankore dialect.After he was finished he asked the crowd "do you want another rap?"Mr. Museveni was inspired to record the track with a group of rappers from Entebbe, who explained the poetical nature of Hip-Hop to the leader of Uganda. President Museveni said his rap actually came from a poem he used to recite in his youth. “We need to keep our traditions intact, put our poems in your songs so that they are not forgotten. We need those poems,” Museveni told the cheering crowd. Today, President Museveni and his main challenger Kizza Besigye presented their papers to the electoral commission, before heading to rallies in the capital of Kampala. President Museveni hopes to continue his 24-year run as President of the African country.