President Trump's Special Envoy Demands A$AP Rocky Be Transferred To A Hotel

Trump is still putting pressure on the Swedish government on behalf of A$AP Rocky.

(AllHipHop News) President Donald Trump believes A$AP Rocky is being held hostage and made the most unusual demand of the Swedish government concerning the rap star's freedom.

A$AP Rocky is currently awaiting a verdict in his assault case, after the rapper and three associates were accused of attacking an overzealous man with a bottle on June 30.

The President has been threatening Sweden for the past few weeks over the rap star's treatment as he remains detained in the country, pending the outcome of this week's trial.

Last week, President Donald Trump sent U.S. special presidential envoy for hostage affairs, Ambassador Robert O’Brien, to Stockholm to monitor the trial.

A spokesman for the Swedish prosecution authority said Ambassador O'Brien demanded the rapper and his associates be released from prison and remanded to a local hotel.

A spokesperson for the Swedish government named Karin Rosander said it was the first time in the country's history, that another nation made such a request.

A$AP Rocky and the two other men on trial claim they acted in self-defense, but the prosecutors say they used an excessive level of violence during the fight.

Prosecutors are asking a judge to sentence A$AP Rocky to six months in prison. A verdict is expected within the next week.

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