President Trump Weighs In On Jussie Smollet; Woman Says "Redneck" Behind Attack

The POTUS has commented on a terrible attack on the "Empire" star.

(AllHipHop News) A woman has claimed she saw a white “redneck” man, with a length of rope or clothesline, loitering outside Jussie Smollett’s apartment building in Chicago, Illinois, hours before he was viciously assaulted.

Jussie was beaten and had a noose tied round his neck by masked men in a racist and homophobic attack in the early hours of Tuesday.

The unnamed woman, who claims to be a neighbor, alleged she saw a suspicious man, who looked like a “redneck”, pacing agitatedly outside the star’s building as she took her dogs out for a walk at 12.30am – 90 minutes before Smollett was ambushed.

The man was dressed in a blue sweatshirt, a blue beanie, and jeans that were too short that exposed his “thick grey hunting socks.”

The woman also said he was smoking a cigarette and had a length of blue and white rope or “clothesline” hanging out of his zip-up sweater.

And she saw another man about 300ft away standing nearer the entrance and described being “creeped out” by the loitering men.

The Chicago Police Department released still images of two persons of interest and Smollett’s representative, Brandon Z. Moore, confirmed the actor’s account that he was attacked by two masked men who screamed “this is MAGA country” after calling him a “n##ger” and a “f##got.”

President Trump has even weighed in on the shocking attack.

"That I can tell you is horrible," President Trump said of the attack at a press conference. "It doesn't get worse."