Prince & Big Daddy Kane’s Unreleased “Batdance Remix” From 1989 Hits The Net (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) Back in 1989, Prince headed the soundtrack for the Warner Bros blockbuster superhero film Batman. The collection of tunes was also released as a Prince album. Batman the LP led the Billboard 200 album chart for six weeks and spawned the #1 hit "Batdance."

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The single actually had a remixed version which featured fellow Warner Bros Records artist Big Daddy Kane, but it was never officially released. "Batdance Remix" producer John Luongo recently talked about the union of the musical genius and the Hip Hop star. He also explained why the song never saw the light of day 27 years ago.

"[Kane] had a great reputation. I knew there was a great respect for him in the community. And I think his work and persona was something that Prince appreciated, too." Luongo told the L.A. Times. "He had a melodic quality to him, which some rappers really didn’t. You put all that together, and it made him a really attractive addition."

He added, "I remember FedEx was there waiting as I did my best to finish up, so we could make the next plane to rush it over to L.A. and Minnesota to let Warner Bros. and Prince hear what I had done... And then Warner Bros. said they didn’t like it; it was too different. And that was it. They didn’t release it."

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Listen to Prince's "Batdance Remix" featuring Big Daddy Kane below.