Prince Paul Addresses 'Politics'

Cerebral producer Prince Paul is about to spark brain cells with another album dubbed Politics of the Business, a title that represented the struggle of creating the project itself.

“It took a lot for me to put this out,” he said. “Let just say [music industry] politics are in full effect. It took a lot.”

Politics aside, the eccentric producer said he secured a bevy of artists on the project. Artists appearing on the album include Wordsworth, Chubb Rock, MF Doom, Gangstarr, Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Kardinal Official, and comedians Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock.

Paul said, “I paid a lot of people [so] at the end of the day, my check was minimal.”

With this albums, as is the case with all of his efforts, Paul said he aimed to produce another creative masterwork. He insisted he disagreed with downloading albums, but reasoned with the practice that the RIAA despises.

“I don't blame cats for downloading, because a lot of albums are crappy. Don't cheat your audience,” he said. Paul also stated that emphasis on the single has taken away from generating quality hip-hop albums.

Nevertheless, Paul said that Handsomeboy Modeling School, his act with Dan The Automator, was signed to Elektra Records.

Politics of the Business has an unspecified release date in the first quarter of 2003.

Prince Paul has found several creative outlets for this highly regarded beat-crafting abilities – from Stetsasonic to De La Soul to Gravediggaz to his solo career. Paul is also credited with inventing the hip-hop skit.