Prince Paul Teaches The Art Of Picking Up Women

Prince Paul is known

for going against Hip-Hop’s collective grain and a new CD/DVD highlights

his nonconformist mind state.

Paul and company have recently

released “The Dix: The Art Of Picking Up Women.” The set is a fictional

journey of a soul singing group that eventually destroys itself for a variety

of reasons.

Through a statement, group

member Mr. Len explained the background of the collective, which also consists

of Mr. Dead and Don Newkirk.

Humorously, Len said, “People

often ask, ‘Who are the Dix?’ These charismatic young men hail from

soulful Compton New York, home of the infamous ‘Booty Clap.’ The

Dix did more than just hit the spot. Just listen to their cataclysmic rhythm

and harmonies combined with their explosive dance moves makes the Dix one of

the best groups to grace this recording industry. I’ve had the pleasure

to see the Dix perform live at the world famous Apollo in “69”,

and let me tell you my friends, sheer utter excitement, I mean there wasn’t

a dry panty in the house!”

The bonus DVD chronicles

the group’s life and times via a faux documentary chock full of more hilarious


Prince Paul’s

repertoire spans over a decade’s work with De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane,

Chubb Rock, Gravediggaz, Boogie Down Productions and MC Lyte.