Princess, Diamond Clash; Princess Seeks Solo Deal

Warner Brothers recording artist Princess may have a new label home when she releases her forthcoming solo debut, has learned.

While she remains signed to the label, which she joined as a member of the group Crime Mob, both parties have reached an agreement allowing the Atlanta native to explore her options.

“They gave me permission to shop around for another solo deal,” Princess told “They still want the specifics on what another label is offering to see if they can match it. If not, they’ll go ahead and release me, and we’ll have to work out royalty splits and points on the album. And as long as the business is handled and I’m satisfied with what I’m getting, then we can move forward.”

With the release of her solo project, the 21-year-old rapper/songwriter hopes to deliver a variety of content she feels is especially needed in the world of female rappers.

Though Princess has no intention on distancing herself from her previous body of work, a newfound sense of maturity and artistic development has lead her to work towards creating a balanced album that will give fans an opportunity to get to know her as a soloist.

She also feels a responsibility to create relatable music.

“I’ve grown [and] it’s more that I can talk about,” she explained. “Subjects that, I’m sure, females want to hear, instead of all the materialistic things. It’s more than that. It’s more than money...when you only make that type of music, really you’re being selfish. Your fans [may not] have any of that."

As she continues to perfect her craft, she is also strengthening her relationships with heavyweights like Polow Da Don and “A Milli” producer Bangladesh. Princess’s revelations about her new solo project came shortly after a heated exchange with former friend and band mate Diamond, who left the group amid much fanfare in December.

While the two ladies have crossed paths before, their encounter during a private event in Atlanta last night [July 28], revealed a level of tension and animosity they have never displayed in public.

According to Princess, the argument stemmed from Diamond’s disapproval of a promoter’s use of a picture of Crime Mob in better times, to promote a performance and appearance by Princess alone.

Their exchange quickly escalated to personal verbal attacks, only to be ended when a photographer suggested they settle their differences with a freestyle battle.

While Princess was up to the challenge, Diamond was swiftly ushered away by her handlers.

Despite the initial disappointment and feelings of betrayal she felt after parting ways on such bitter terms with Diamond, just as the two were preparing to venture off from the men of Crime Mob, Princess maintains she has no regrets.

“I look at it as a blessing,” Princess told “Because if everything went the way we thought it was supposed to go, I wouldn’t be as educated as I am now as far as the music industry and how it works."

In addition to recording her debut, which should be in stores next summer, Princess is also honing her skills as an R&B songwriter, working with various artists, including former Rowdy Records artist Sammy.