Prodigy Clarifies Arrest Reports

Albert "Prodigy"

Johnson has come forward to dispel media reports of his arrest he deemed inaccurate,

after he was arrested in Cohoes, New York on the way to a show at the Cohoes

Entertainment Complex.

"I was charged

for possession of a gun and marijuana," Johnson told "Several

news outlets reported that crack cocaine was also found in the vehicle and omitted

to specify that the substance belonged to Dave St. Bernard, the driver of the

van, who is not a part of the Mobb Deep entourage and works for a car service


Police responded

to a call about two suspicious vehicles parked on the side of the road and found two customized Ford vans.A search of the vans turned up various small

amounts of marijuana and a fully loaded .25 caliber gun tucked in one of Johnson's


David St. Bernard

was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, after police found

crack and powdered cocaine in a bag belonging to Bernard.

Prodigy was charged

with third-degree criminal possession of a weapon and possession of marijuana

and was released the same day.

"I was released

the same day of the arrest, although, according some incorrect reports, I'm

still in the Albany County Jail," Johnson clarified. "Full details

of this arrest can be obtained from the Cohoes, NY authorities. I would like

to let Mobb Deep fans know that I am back in the studio working on our upcoming

album Amerika’s Nightmare due out this February."