Prodigy's InfamousStores Shutdown,

the website launched by Prodigy of Mobb Deep, has been shutdown

by the webmaster because Prodigy's allegedly neglected to pay

the bills. According to the webmaster of the site,

will be closed down until Prodigy "acts in a responsible

manner to his fans."

M.D Thorpe, Jr., a medical doctor

who runs several web sites for celebrities, says that he has made

several attempts to resolve the matter with Prodigy. "After

6 months of broken promises from Prodigy, we are no longer able

to maintain this site, " he said. According to Thorpe, there

is a possibility for a class action since fans ordered items from

the site and never received any merchandise.

Thorpe said for every order that

is returned, he is charged an addition $20.00 dollars from the

credit card company. "Prodigy dogged me on this one,"

he said, " I have to do what it takes to recoup all of our

losses." At press time, Prodigy had no comment to Thorpe's

accusations but statistics show that receives

well over 100,000 visitors per day.

Editors note: If you have a dispute

with, contact M.D Thorpe, Jr. at