Prodigy Talks Prison, Plans For H.N.I.C. 2

Mobb Deep member Prodigy will begin 2008 by starting a 3 1/2 year prison stint, on January 9th, after he pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a loaded gun.

Prodigy, born Albert Jackson, announced today (December 25) that his second solo album H.N.I.C. 2 will be released worldwide via a distribution deal with Voxonic Music and AAO Music/Reality.

The album will be released in multiple languages, including German, French and Spanish, utilizing Voxonic’s patented voice technology.

Additionally, Prodigy plans to put his time behind bars to good use.

"Throughout my life, I have always lived through adversity," Prodigy said. "I'm a survivor. You don't understand the mental power that I have. While I am locked up, I'm going to be writing lyrics, working on the script for my second feature film, Dope, and finish writing an autobiography of my life which will be finished by the time I'm released.."

Prodigy, 33, and producer The Alchemist were originally arrested in October of 2006 in Manhattan, after police stopped Prodigy’s bulletproof Chevy Suburban for making a U-turn and driving the wrong direction down a one way street, in an attempt to snag a parking spot.

Police officers found an unlicensed .22 caliber handgun in a console in the middle of the SUV and charged both men with gun possession charges.

While charges against The Alchemist were eventually dropped, Prodigy plead guilty to his third count of possessing a gun and was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison in October of 2007.

H.N.I.C. 2 will be produced by Prodigy and longtime production partner The Alchemist, who helped produce Prodigy’s first solo album, H.N.I.C.

"My mind is going to be focused and I'll have time to think and map out my entire plan," Prodigy said. "The experience will make me a tougher, stronger person. I'm gonna work on getting out faster, so I can get back to doing what I do best. When I get home, it's gonna be on!"

H.N.I.C. 2 is also the first high profile Hip-Hop release to utilize Voxonic’s cutting-edge voice translation technology, which owners claim will convert Prodigy’s own voice into multiple languages, with 99% accuracy.

"The technology they use is a great opportunity for me to keep supplying my fans around the world with music to hold them down while I'm away," Prodigy said.

H.N.I.C. 2 is due in stores in March of 2008.

The album will be marketed aggressively on the internet and via a grassroots promotion campaign. For more information visit: