Producer Diamond Details New Album

It's been almost a

decade since legendary Bronx producer/MC Diamond has released an album on a label.

His debut, Stunts,

Blunts, & Hip-Hop is considered by many as one of the finest records

ever released. Last year, he dropped some

classic unreleased material, as well as new work on Grown Man Talk.

Now, he is preparing a new

album for fall, which will feature a solid lineup of MC's and producers.

"I didn't have no distribution

[for Grown Man Talk.] I did a little over 30,000," Diamond told

"Hopefully, once I lock down my distribution, this time it'll be for higher

stakes. I'm in talks right now with a major. If not, I don't have no qualms

about doing it myself."

The new album, titled Needful

Things, will be released sometime this fall. Diamond mentioned his guestlist,

which is still being formulated.

""I got Grand

Puba, I got Alchemist. Not production, but I got him to spit," Diamond

said. "I also got a song with Nottz spittin' on there and Jay Dee. I got

Fat Joe on deck. So far, just the people on my last album too. I sent Slum Village

a beat, they said they liked it. So we just gotta find the time."

In addition, Diamond made

reference to the much talked about D.I.T.C. follow-up.

"Everybody in D.I.T.C.

can come together by the summer and put this album together and do it,"

Diamond said.

As the man who helped put

fellow BX native Fat Joe on the hip-hop map, Diamond commented on Joe's recent

response record to 50 Cent.

"Me knowing Joe, I

knew he was gonna respond back. I don't give a f**k who you are, you say something

'bout that man, he gonna respond. I'm glad he stood up and did his thing. I

just heard Jadakiss's and Joe's responses back to back the other day. They are

both tight to me."

Diamond has also

recently been featured on and produced tracks for Medaphor and Earatik Statik.