Producer EP Sues Mack 10 For $100G's Over Unpaid Royalties

Producer Ervin “EP” Pope filed a lawsuit against rapper Mack 10 and his record label Hoo Bangin’ Entertainment, claiming he is owed hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in unpaid royalties. EP claims he was never compensated for production work on two tracks featured on Mack 10’s album Soft White. According to the lawsuit, EP claims Mack 10 orally agreed to pay a total of $60,000, for producing the songs “It’s Your Life” and “Big Balla.” EP is seeking at least $100,000 from Mack 10 in addition to his share of unpaid royalties from sales of the album Soft White and the two songs in question. Pope has produced tracks for a number of established artists, including Jay-Z, Twista, Kanye West Snoop Dogg, The Game and others.