Producer Static Major Passes; David Banner Comments

Producer Static Major, of the group Playa (Def Jam) died yesterday in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky sources have told

Static Major, born Stephen Garrett, worked with artists like Ginuwine, Aaliyah, Pretty Ricky, Jay-Z, David Banner and others.

While the exact cause of death is not known, sources told that Static Major died from a brain aneurism.

The 33-year-old producer worked with a number of top artists, including Brandy, Destiny’s Child, Jay-Z, Nicole Wray, David Banner and others.

"He was a very talented guy and to be in this game he had a very good spirit," Banner told "I really wish the world could have seen [more of] his true talent."

In a previous interview Static Major revealed what inspired him as a producer.

"I stay in the streets, that’s where I draw my inspiration," Static Major said. "If it can’t be played in the hood, then it just doesn’t work for me. And nobody can hold me on harmony. My whole aura is not your typical R&B aura."

Static Major most recently worked with Lil Wayne on his singles "Lollipop" and "I Got My," as well as TQ’s new single "Paradise," featuring Krayzie Bone.