Producer Zaytoven Hits The Studio With Plies; Joins Boy Band

Atlanta based producer Zaytoven recently sat down to discuss his most recent work, upcoming projects and his success as a producer in the Hip-Hop game. Zaytoven provided the sonic backdrop for Plies’ newest single and upcoming video, “Bruh, Bruh.”Ironically enough, Zaytoven told that the two have fostered a great working relationship that has produced a lot of songs together.“It was like an instant marriage,” Zaytoven told “I don’t know if he got a CD of beats from me or what, but he called me and wanted to work on it and after we had a conversation about it, we just started working. That’s a guy in the game I really have respect for. As a person, as for his work ethic. I really admire what Plies does. In a matter of two months we made like 10 songs”In addition to working with Plies and Juelz Santana, Zaytoven is going to be getting back in the studio with Gucci Mane for his upcoming projects.“As of right now, we just locked in for the next few day in the studio, so that’s how that project is working out,” Zaytoven said. “I think the label wanted us to get in the studio. As you know I wasn’t featured on his last project as much, so I think they want us to get back working.”While working on many different artist’s projects, Zaytoven has also taken the time to start his new R&B group, of which he will be a member.“Eragance is my new group and its me branching out as an artist…I always wanted to do a boy band and I made myself part of the group.”Reflecting on his success over the last year, Zaytoven modestly acknowledged that he has been featured in the Top 200 on the Billboard charts consistently over the last year.“I cant look at it and dwell on so that I can get to work and make another song. Most of the time when I am on the Billboard’s someone tells me about it,” Zaytoven stated. And even though he’s in a new Boy Band, Zaytoven stated that he is committed to his career as a Hip-Hop producer. “I still got my ear to the street and I am always looking for that new guy. I am always trying to find the next new guy. I just did some work with Bun B and Slim Thug too,” Zaytoven stated. “I had never worked with them so I am definitely getting the chance to expand to work with artists I hadn’t before.”