Producers Of Ice-T's Reality Show Sued By Ford

Ford Motors has

filed a fraud lawsuit against the production company that created the TLC Channel's

"Beyond Tough" television show that was executive produced by Ice-T.

Neither Ice-T

or TLC are named in the lawsuit, which claims that Teleproductions and it's

owners, Andre and Erik Jetmir accepted a $300,000 check to feature Ford trucks

in the show.

The lawsuit alleges

that once the check was cashed, the duo created the pilot and refused to repay

the $300,000.

The lawsuit alleges

that the Jetmir's agreed that Ford would receive all of the programs revenue

until the $300,000 was recouped.

After the $300,000

was repaid, Ford was to receive 5 percent of all proceeds from the television

series, for the life of the series.

Only five episodes

of the show, which profiled real people who worked in highly hazardous jobs,

were aired before it was cancelled.