Producers Plan To Sue Diddy; Diddy Responds

A group of super

producers that helped forge the sound of Bad Boy Entertainment into a hit factory

are planning to a file a lawsuit against Sean "Diddy" Combs, alleging non-payment

of publishing royalties.

Various producers,

including Easy Mo Bee and Lord Finesse, are planning to file the suit against

Combs, with some of the producers claiming they haven't seen royalty statements

or received payment in upwards of 10 years.

"This is not personal

against Puff [Combs]," Lord Finesse told "This is just a royalty

and publishing situation. A lot of people didn't get paid."

"Any monies owed

to anyone are either paid or are in the process of being paid -- and, furthermore,

will always be paid,” Combs told, refuting the charges. “It doesn't

do any good -- and makes no sense at all to not pay people -- what logical sense

would it make for a record company of Bad Boy's stature to not pay people?"

The producers are

responsible for writing and producing major Bad Boy hits like "Whoa!," "I Love

the Dough," "Flava In Ya Ear," "Warning," "Get Down," "Suicidal Thoughts"

and others.