Project Pat Seeking New Trial


Pat is seeking a new trial on the basis that the judge and the jury

were unfairly influenced by his lyrics. Pat's attorneys argued that the judge

on the case, Judge Robert H. Cleland, allowed the imagery in Pat's music to

be used during the trial. During the trial, Houston's lawyers attempted to limit

the prosecutions examination of Pat's lyrics based on claim of "protected

speech." The defense also objected to the prosecution using the term "Gangsta

Rap," which prosecutors claimed was Pat's style of rap.

"We contend

... (Cleland) increased the sentence as a result of the lyrics of some of Mr.

Houston's songs,'' defense attorney John E. Herbison of Nashville told the Associated

Press. ``I have some concerns ... as to whether that violates the First Amendment.''

Pat was convicted

last month in federal court in Jackson of being a felon in possession of a gun.

He was sentenced to four years and three months in prison. He was arrested in

January of 2001 when Memphis police stopped Pat and found two loaded revolvers

in his S.U.V. The arresting officer, Michael Mccord testified that Houston admitted

the guns were his for protection.

Pat, Juicy J and

DJ Paul allege racism, saying that the jury that tried him was all white, and

that the D.A. was jealous of Pat's success as an artist.