Project Pat Seeks Appeal

Lawyers for 36 Mafia member Project Pat are in

the process of filing an appeal to have the rapper released from a Mason, Tennessee

prison. Pat is a seven year sentence for weapons charges.

Members of the 36 Mafia have long held that Pat

never received a fair trial alleging among other things racism.

After a Memphis Federal jury deadlocked and couldn't

reach a verdict, Pat's trial was moved to Jackson, Tennessee, where he was subsequently


While the group members do not deny that the

revolvers were found under the car, they simply claim that the jury was biased

after listening to Pat's lyrics and watching excerpts of Pat in the gritty urban

tale, "Choices."

"They used his lyrics and our movie 'Choices'

against him in court," group member DJ Paul told "After

they couldn't reach a verdict in Memphis, they took him to a little country

ass city outside of the city. Plus his jury was ten whites and two blacks. Those

aren't Pat's peers."

Pat was pulled over for speeding in January 2001.

Police found two revolvers under the seat of his SUV. At the time, he was on

parole for aggravated robbery.

"We are looking at getting him out in the

next year and a half," Paul continued. Meanwhile, Three Six Mafia are readying

their next album, titled Da Unbreakables, with appearances by Project

Pat. The album hits stores February 3, 2003.