Project Pat Sentenced To Prison

After being convicted on two counts of firearm

possession as a felon in March, Project Pat

was sentenced to serve a four year prison term on Tuesday (June 11). The conviction

stems from an event in January 2001, in which he was pulled over for speeding

in an SUV. When Pat was pulled over, police found two revolvers under his seat.

Pat was tried once on these charges in January

but a Memphis, Tennessee federal court jury deadlocked and the second trial

was moved to Jackson, Tennessee. 36 Mafia group member DJ Paul alleges racism.

"He was tried by an all white jury, you tell me," Paul told Pat

was facing up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 dollar fine when he is sentenced

June 6. Juicy J, Project Pat's brother, said that that prosecutor was jealous

of his brothers success.

Pat was also assigned three years of supervised

release following his confinement, a $75,000 fine, and $200 in court fees.

Project Pat's Layin The Smackdown is due

in stores in November. In other Hypnotize Minds related news, DJ Paul's Underground

Vol.16 is in stores now, Koopsta Knicca's Da K Project is in stores

this month,

and Juicy J's Chronicles Of The Juice Man will hit stores in July.