Project Pat To Be Released From Prison In July

Three Six Mafia member

Project Pat will be released from prison on July 28, after being sentenced to

four years for weapons offenses.

The Memphis, Tennessee rapper was sent to prison in June of

2002, after being convicted on two counts of firearm possession as a felon.

In January of 2001, Pat was pulled over for speeding when police

found 2 revolvers under the seat of his SUV.

According to group member DJ Paul, Pat has spent his time behind

bars wisely, penning songs and even authoring a book.

“He [Pat] wrote over 200 songs, all in jail,” DJ

Paul told “He’s got a new single coming and his brand

new album will come out in late January, called Crook by the Book.”

After he is released from the Missouri prison where he is incarcerated,

the rapper will spend another five months in a halfway house.

Pat was also assigned three years of supervised release following

his confinement and a $75,000 fine.

“We are just going to go to the studio when he comes out,”

DJ Paul said. “We are gonna party in the studio.”

In related news, the group has already started plans for the

third installment of their popular straight-to-DVD movie, Choices.

The most recent

edition, Choices 2: The Setup hit stores in March.