Project Pat Working On New Book 'Fed Story 2'

As he gears up

for the release of his new album Crook DA Book: The Fed Story rapper Project

Pat is putting his experience behind bars in a new book."I

got this book I wrote and it's called The Fed Story 2," Project Pat

told "It's just about the situation and the feds, and how

I got a blessing [from] God, blessing me through it."The

book is the newest venture for Pat, who was convicted in 2002 of felony possession

of a firearm after being pulled over by police for speeding in 2001. Authorities

found two revolvers under the seat of Project Pat's SUV, while the rapper was

on parole for aggravated robbery.The

rhymesayer, who was released in 2005, is currently serving a three-year stint

of supervised release. In

addition to giving his version of the events leading to his incarceration, a complete

transcript of the trial will be included in the back of the new book."This

[is the] full transcript of everything that was said in the court," Project

Pat explained, who predicted that readers will "trip off this book."


can expect to the book to hit shelves after the release of Pat’s album, Crook

by DA Book: The Fed Story. While

the album and book will mark Pat’s official return to rap, the lyricist is

dealing with the abrupt departure of his friend and former Three 6 Mafia member

Crunchy Black. "To

this day, I don't even know [why Crunchy left]," Project Pat said. "I

asked myself, I asked people that knew and they like they don't know. I don't

know. I mean maybe it will come out, but I don't know. I thought everything was

okay. I mean. I love the dude, man. I don't know what happened. I'm serious about

that, I don't know. But I mean, you know, I can't dwell on it."Project

Pat’s Crook by DA Book: The Fed Story is slated to hit stores in October.