Promoter Accuses Foxy Brown Of Grabbing Show Money Without Performing At Event

Did Inga walk away with 10 bands?

(AllHipHop News) Foxy Brown got back to the music this summer by appearing on Nicki Minaj's song "Coco Chanel" off the Queen album. The Brooklyn veteran has also been booking shows, but one promoter is calling out the Ill Na Na rapper. Inga Marchand is being accused of not performing at a scheduled event and could face a lawsuit.

TMZ reports:

Foxy agreed to perform 2 songs at the LaQuan Smith party Sunday night during New York Fashion Week. In return, she was going to pull in $10k ... $5k in advance and the balance at the party. We're told the party came and went ... with Foxy nowhere in sight. We're told at 2:30 AM, when there were only a handful of stragglers left, she showed, grabbed the $5k check out of the organizer's hand and booked it for the door. Our sources say Foxy didn't sing a single note.

As of press time, Foxy has not addressed the allegations. However, she uploaded a recent Instagram video of designer LaQuan Smith praising her history in the fashion world. It's not clear if Smith was directly involved in arranging Brown's supposed gig at NYFW.

Fox wrote in the IG Caption:

@laquan_smith❤️u FCKN DOWN!!!!!! You LACED @beyonce in that DISRESPECTFUL FASHION sh*t🔥🔥for ON THE RUN TOUR🙌🏽 Can’t wait for that BABY C💕and FOXY “LA QUAN SMITH drip” 💧 tho!!!! OVA!💋