Promoter Considers Lawsuit Against NC School Board Over Canceled Lil' Wayne Show

Hundreds of fans of Lil' Wayne are attempting to gain refunds to a controversial concert featuring the rapper at a Wilmington, North Carolina high school that was canceled.

Lil' Wayne was booked to play at New Hanover High School on Sunday (October 21), but the concert was canceled due to low ticket sales, after a battle between School Board members and the promoter apparently hurt ticket sales.

Certain members of the School Board objected to Lil' Wayne's "Stop the Violence" concert taking place at Brogdon Hall, after gang violence near the school forced two lock downs in a one-week period.

The school board cancelled the concert, but the promoter filed a lawsuit claiming they could not prove that the concert posed a threat to safety. Additional police officers were also hired to secure the event and the concert was allowed to continue.

According to the Wilmington Star, thousands of people attended the event, only a fourth of the venue's capacity.

Around 10:00 PM, it was revealed that Lil' Wayne's performance was canceled.

The promoter of the event is considering a lawsuit against the school board, alleging that the original cancellation prevented him from being able to properly promote the concert and has cost tens of thousands of dollars.