Promoter Promises To Sue DaBaby Over $30,000 Beatdown

Mike Winslow

DaBaby is most certainly going to be sued over a fight in Miami, which resulted in a promoter getting his ass kicked.

(AllHipHop News) The grown man who had his ass handed to him after tussling with DaBaby is planning to sue the rapper.

DaBaby is currently sitting in a Miami, Florida jail over an assault and robbery on Thursday.

That's when the rapper met up with a promoter who was supposed to pay him $30,000 for a nightclub appearance at Story.

The promoter came up $10,000 short when they met at the DaBaby's hotel to pay the rapper for his appearance at a party for Stunna 4 Vegas.

Instead of brokering a deal, the promoter ended up getting his ass kicked by DaBaby and his associates.

The promoter is suing because DaBaby allegedly ran off with the $20,000.

The guy showed off his injuries, and while they weren't super serious, they looked painful enough.

And, a lawsuit might be the least of DaBaby's troubles.

He could face a robbery charge for making off with the promoters $20,000.