Promoter Sues DaBaby For $6 Million Over $20K Street Fight

Mike Winslow

A promoter who was beaten up in Miami has made good on his threats and formally filed a $6 million lawsuit against DaBaby.

(AllHipHop News) It's official: DaBaby is facing a lawsuit from a promoter who promised to sue the rap star over a fight at Miami hotel, over show money last month.

DaBaby was sent to jail in Miami, Florida on January 3rd, over claims he beat up a promoter named Kenneth Carey during a dispute over a $20,000 appearance fee.

In new legal documents, Carey says one of DaBaby's associates caused $10,000 worth of damage to a rental car the promoter paid for as part of the rapper's booking agreement.

DaBaby's friend was allegedly responsible for the damage, so he allegedly asked Carey to fork over the $10,000 since he was already giving a hefty discount to appear at the party, which was for rising rapper Stunna 4 Vegas.

When the promoter came up $10,000 short, a dispute erupted and the guy ended up getting smacked up by DaBaby and a few associates, who stomped him, pulled his pants down and dosed him with apple juice.

In addition to being charged with battery, DaBaby is now facing a $6 million lawsuit.