Proof Documentary Coming to Theaters


year after the death of D12 rapper Proof, a new movie featuring the slain lyricist

will hit theaters. The

documentary, titled Time A Tell, provides a look at the Detroit Hip-Hop

scene, while featuring Proof and DJ Jewels in the studio as they put together

a complete 18-track CD full of original lyrics and beats within 24 hours for a

segment called The Challenge. Presented

by Jewels, Priceless Music and Iron Fist Records, Time A Tell is the last

creative work of Proof, who was fatally shot one year ago today (Apr. 11 2006)

at the Triple C club on Eight Mile Road following a heated argument with 35-year-old

Keith Bender Jr. The

alleged shooter, Bender’s cousin Mario Etheridge, avoided murder charges

in the case after a court determined he shot and killed Proof in an act of self-defense.


the incident, Bender’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against

Proof's estate, claiming the rapper was responsible for escalating a fist fight

that resulting in Proof pulling a gun on Bender and shooting him.Time

A Tell will premiere at 8 p.m. Thursday (April 12) in the GM Theater at the

Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit. The

event will be followed by a reception and after-party at 9:45 p.m.To

view the movie trailer, visit