Prosecution Rests Case Against Rapper C-Murder

AllHipHop Staff

C-Murder’s attempts to have his murder trial thrown out of court were rejected by a judge today (August 7).

C-Murder, born Corey Miller, is on trial of a second time in regards to the shooting death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas inside of Club Platinum in 2002.

Miller’s lawyer Ron Rakosky sought to declare a mistrial, after prosecutors revealed they had reached a plea deal with witness Kenneth Jordan, a bouncer who has testified against Miller.

Jordan has testified that he witnessed C-Murder shoot the teenager, who was also being kicked and beaten by a group of men, after a dispute inside of the club.

Under cross-examination, Jordan revealed that he had signed an agreement with prosecutors to testify against Miller in order to have a Carnal Knowledge charge levied against him dropped.

Yesterday (August 6), Rakosky claimed that prosecutors used “coercive tactics” to force Jordan to testify against Miller, whom prosecutors accuse of threatening witnesses related to the murder case.

Today, Judge Hans Liljeberg rejected Rakosky’s request and the after three days of testimony, the prosecution rested its case against C-Murder.

Prosecutors called a total of 13 witnesses to the stand, two who claim to have witnessed Miller shoot Thomas.

Miller, 38, was convicted of second-degree murder after a trial in 2003.

The conviction was overturned and upheld by Louisiana Supreme Court, after it was learned the prosecutors expunged the criminal backgrounds over several witnesses to bolster their credibility in front of jurors.

If convicted, Miller faces a life sentence in prison.