Prosecutors: C-Murder Sought To Take Beating To "Next Level"

Prosecutors will argue

that rapper Corey "C-Murder" Miller fatally shot a 16-year-old as he

and a group of unidentified men beat the teenager in a Jefferson Parish, New Orleans


While a motive

for the beating or murder has yet to be established, assistant District Attorney

Douglas Freese said that prosecutors believe Miller decided to "take it

to the next level," by pulling a gun and shooting.

While both sides

are still engaged in jury selection for the trial, prosecutors have not revealed

what evidence they have linking Miller, who is charged with second-degree murder,

because of a court imposed gag order.

Police believe

16-year-old Steve Thomas snuck into the club using a fake I.D. the night he

was fatally shot in the chest.

Miller's father,

Percy Miller Sr. said the trial has put a lot of stress on the Miller family,

but remains confident of his sons innocence.

Miller Sr. said

that his son was just a rapper and that C-Murder was simply a character he was