Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Rapper Beanie Sigel

Rapper Beanie Sigel has resolved charge against him in Philadelphia, where an arrest warrant was issued, after he failed to return a rented 2007 Nissan Altima.

Prosecutors withdrew the charges against Sigel, born Dwight Grant, after the rapper paid the $5,000 late fee he owed for holding a rental car from Payless Car Rental for almost a month past its return date.

According to Sigel's lawyer Fortunato Perri Jr., an employee of the rental car service testified in court that there was a simple "misunderstanding" and that the agency had decided to drop the charges against the South Philadelphia rapper.

Payless reported the car stolen on September 6, but continued to bill Sigel for the rented car.

"We're satisfied with the way the D.A.'s office handled the case," Sigel's attorney Fortunato N. Perri Jr. told the Philadelphia Inquirer, adding that there were no further charges against Sigel.

Beanie Sigel is in the studio putting the final touches on his highly anticipated album The Solution, which is due in stores in December.