Prosecutors Drop Weapons/Drug Charges Against Jadakiss

Prosecutors are dropping drug and gun charges against Lox group member Jadakiss, who was arrested last October when police found a loaded handgun in a car he was traveling in.

The rapper was arrested in his hometown of Yonkers, New York on October 6, 2006, when police stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation.

Police claimed they smelled marijuana emanating from the car and when they searched the vehicle, uncovered a loaded handgun.

Jadakiss and three other occupants were charged with criminal possession of a weapon, because of the loaded handgun inside the vehicle.

Jadakiss pleaded not guilty to the charges days after being arrested and his lawyer vehemently denied the charges, stating "I have yet to see or hear of any evidence connecting my client to possessing this weapon."

Last week, the Westchester County's district attorney asked a judge to dismiss the charges, after a jury acquitted one of the men in the car when DNA tests failed to link any of the three men to the gun.

According to reports, the dismissal is final when the prosecutor's motion is granted by the judge.

"[It's] a travesty that the case went this far," Jadakiss' lawyer Clement Patti said.