Prosecutors: Rap Song Persuaded Man To Murder

After deliberating

for almost four hours, a San Antonio jury found Jeremy Rodriguez, 19, guilty

in the murder of two 20 year old's. According to Prosecutors, Rodriguez shot

and killed cousins Paul Gallegos, 21, and Daniel Gallegos, 20, for their money,

jewelry and SUV after being influenced by a rap song. The cousins were in the

area seeking a record deal, according to family members.

Assistant DA Emily

Angulo refuted Rodriguez's claims that the killings were part of a Mexican Mafia

hit, carried out by a mysterious character named "Sleepy," whom the

cousins picked up on the side of the road in August of 2001. Instead, Angulo

claimed, Rodriguez bragged to two associates about the shootings. Angulo said

that that as Rodriguez rode in the back seat of the SUV, a rap song by

Ludacris came on the radio, which persuaded him to pull the trigger

and murder the two men.

Rodriguez was convicted

of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison. He will be eligible for parole

when he is 59 years old. “May you burn in hell in life more than in death

because it's your just reward,” Charlene Gallegos, an aunt, of the cousins