Prosecutors Say 6ix9ine Should Go To Prison Over Violence Caused By Trolling

The Assistant D.A. says 6ix9ine is a terrible role model who needs to go to prison.

(AllHipHop News) Prosecutors continue their mission to throw rap star Tekashi 6ix9ine behind bars.

Manhattan Assistant D.A. Sara Weiss fired off a letter to the Judge overseeing Tekashi's criminal case, claiming he's a bad influence on his young fans.

The prosecution's latest attempt to sway the judge into giving 6ix9ine a prison sentence centers around his social media.

In the letter, Weiss says while social media has allowed the rap star's career to flourish without the help of traditional radio, his trolling of his rivals has resulted in real life violence.

According to the Assistant D.A., 6ix9ine has failed to "mature into a law-abiding citizen" and instead openly flaunts his membership in the 9 Trey Bloods.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is facing up to three years in prison, for violating a plea agreement stemming from his guilty plea of using a child in a sexual performance.