Prosecutors Say Kodak Black Is Real Life “Menace To Society”; Granted A “Danger Hearing”

Rapper Kodak black will continue to lose money while he sits behind bars, with no release date in sight.

(AllHipHop News) The rapper and his lawyers were in court yesterday (March 10), for a scheduled hearing over claims that Kodak violated the work release provisions of his probation.

Kodak, born Dieuson Octave, is on probation for false imprisonment assault and drug charges from two incidents in 2016.

On March 20, the court will hold a “danger hearing” which is when the rapper will learn whether or not he has a possibility of being released on bail.

If the judge decides that he’s a threat to the public, he will remain locked up and prosecutors are already arguing to keep Kodak detained.

Probation officers told the judge that while Kodak did have consent to leave his house for work related business, he never sought approval to walk Broner into the ring, nor did he ask for permission to visit the nudie bar.

Kodak has reportedly lost over $300,000 in appearance fees since his incarceration last month.