Prosecutors Say They Couldn't Get R. Kelly To Leave Jail For Mandatory Hearing

AllHipHop Staff

The singer allegedly refused to budge from his jail cell in Chicago.

(AllHipHop News) R. Kelly appears to be breaking down as he languishes behind bars.

According to prosecutors, the singer missed a mandatory court hearing when he refused to be transported from his Chicago jail cell.

“As I understand it, he refused transport and so that is why the defendant is not before your honor today,” said Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Jennifer Gonzalez.

The singer's attorney Steve Greenberg said moving the singer out of his jail cell has become a major undertaking for the U.S. Marshall's service, but he declined to elaborate.

The singer is facing over 500 years in jail over a total of 40 charges for allegedly bringing teen girls across state lines to sexually abuse them.

R. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all of the charges levied against him and he is trying to raise the cash to hire Michael Jackson's ex-lawyer Tom Mesereau.

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prayers R-kelly only God himself , you and them babies know the Truth..


If he's guilty then yes, he needs to pay for his wrong doings, but are they going to prosecute the parents of these girls, his entourage and his wife? Of course they knew of what he was allegedly doing.