Prosecutors Seek To Jail Rapper Chief Keef Over Sudden Move To Upscale Neighborhood

(AllHipHop News) Chicago rapper Chief Keef will start off the new year fighting for his freedom in court tomorrow (January 2).

Prosecutors are attempting to put Chief Keef in jail, after he moved from his old residence, without telling his probation officer.

The rap star, born Keith Cozart, has moved from a residence with his uncle, into a house in the upscale neighborhood of Northbrook.

The sudden move has angered his probation officers and caused alarm for some of the residents of Northbrook, who fear his ties to the Black Gangster Disciples could bring problems to the neighborhood.

The rapper, who is on probation for pointing a gun at a police officer, is also facing a court date later in the month for a separate, alleged parole violation.

In that case, Chief Keef is accused of holding a gun at a range in New York in a video for Pitchfork Media, in violation of his probation.