Prosecutors Seek To Overturn Court Decision In Favor Of Young Thug In Drug Bust

Young Thug's ongoing drama in court over a big drug bust continues on.

(AllHipHop News) Young Thug's epic victory over a big drug bust last year may very well be short-lived.

Thugger was stopped by Georgia police officers in September of 2017 for allegedly driving around in a vehicle with illegally tinted front windows.

During the traffic stop, cops found marijuana and a cache of hard drugs.

Young Thug was hit with a total of eight charges, including possession and intent to distribute methamphetamine, marijuana, and hydrocodone, along with possession of amphetamine, alprazolam, and codeine, and possession of a firearm.

Young Thug fought the charges and claimed the cops forgot to read him his Miranda Rights, so his statements to the cops should not be admissible in court.

Last month, the rapper won a huge victory when a judge ruled that three cops violated Young Thug's constitutional rights, after ruling there was no reason to stop the rapper in the first place.

But the prosecutors are not letting the case go so easy, and they have decided to appeal the judge's decision in favor of Young Thug.

The prosecutors are aiming to overturn the judge's decision and allow the evidence as the trial moves forward, even though the case against Thug will be impeded if they cannot use the evidence and statements obtained after his initial arrest.

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