Prosecutors Seek To Videotape Witnesses In Sigel Case

Prosecutors are seeking to videotape witnesses in

regards to Beanie Sigel's assault trial, for fear that they might not show up

for his attempted murder trial.

Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Deborah

Robinson requested a judge grant a "preservation of testimony"

hearing, which would provide the court with videotaped testimony in case any

of the witnesses are not physically present when Sigel's attempted murder case

comes to trial.

While spokespeople from the D.A.'s office would

not comment on whether or not any of the witnesses have been threatened, they

confirmed that this type of testimony isn't an every day occurrence, but is

not rare.

Robinson said that she would not give her reasons

for seeking the videotape until a hearing that is to take place next month.

Sigel was formally held for trial and an arraignment

date of September 10th was set.