Prosecutors Seeks To Send C-Murder Back To Prison For Parole Violations

No Limit Records artist C-Murder may return to jail, amid accusations he violated the terms of his house arrest.…

No Limit Records artist C-Murder may return to jail, amid accusations he violated the terms of his house arrest.

Jefferson Parish prosecutors are seeking to send the lyricist (born Corey Miller) back to prison, according to court records filed Thursday (June 8).

The request comes in light of a video that shows Miller violated his court order May 4 by stopping at Smoothie King, a fast-food restaurant, during a court-approved outing.

Smoothie King employees verified the visit, according to a motion filed by the Jefferson Parish district attorney's office to revoke the rapper's home incarceration.

Miller's court order states he must have court approval to leave the house and submit to random drug tests, which he has passed, records show.

The only visitors allowed are Miller's family members, his children and their mother, his attorneys and a priest.

"As a condition of home incarceration the defendant was given specific rules, which prohibited him from leaving his residence or going to any location other than those sanctioned by the court," the motion, signed by assistant district attorney Roger Jordan, stated.

The violations are the latest legal troubles for Miller, who was placed in home incarceration in March while awaiting a retrial on a murder charge.

The 35-year-old wordsmith was convicted of second-degree murder in the Jan. 12, 2002 shooting death of 16-year-old Steve Thomas at the now-closed Platinum Club in Harvey.

Judge Martha Sassone of the 24th Judicial District Court ordered a new trial after ruling that prosecutors withheld information that could have helped defense attorneys.

The decision was upheld by the state Supreme Court on March 10.

Ten days later, Miller was placed in the home incarceration program as a condition of his $500,000 bail.

Besides the restaurant visit, Miller allegedly violated his 12:30 p.m. court-ordered deadline the same day by arriving home at 4:07 p.m. and visiting his fiancée Sabrina Green without court authorization, another violation, court records reveal.

The MC violated his order by being "out of range" from the electronic home monitoring equipment used to track his whereabouts for 44 minutes on May 31 and 27 minutes on June 1, court records show.

Gretna authorities tried to revoke Miller's house arrest June 5, citing the out of range violations in addition to him falling behind in paying a $50-per-week home incarceration fee.

New Orleans' Times Picayune newspaper reports that Sassone ordered Miller, the brother of No Limit founder Percy "Master P" Miller, to be returned home as the rapper was on his way to jail.

Miller appeared in court the next day as Sassone ordered him to pay his home incarceration fees in advance. She also told police to "recalibrate" the monitoring system. Despite this, prosecutors stated in the motion that the monitoring system was functioning properly when police lost track of Miller, whose attorney requested that Green move in with Miller. The request was turned down.