Protests Mount For Dip Set's Liquor

Hip-Hop’s entrepreneurial spirit and its morality have clashed again.

This time, Minister Paul Scott has stepped forward to speak out against Diplomats Cam’ron and Jim Jones’ new liquor, Sizzurp Purple Punch. The minister heads the North Carolina-based Messianic Afrikan Nation and he was also a thorn in Nelly’s business side when the St. Lunatic jumpstarted Pimp Juice, an energy drink.

He found irony in this venture with The Diplomats crew.

"Wasn't a guy named 'Jim Jones' responsible for poisoning those people in Guyana with Purple Punch?” Minister Scott queried.

"The entertainment industry wants to keep us drunk and dancing to our own destruction," says Scott. "The want to turn getting drunk into a Hip Hop national past time."

In the past, Scott offered reasons for his opposition to the promotion of alcohol beverages to African Americans and others in urban communities.

“Alcoholism is a major problem in Black America and its consumption can be traced to many health and other social problems that plague our community,” he said in past statements. “The liquor industry has long targeted the Black community …from the Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull busting through my TV after every video in the ‘90’s to the infamous St. Ides commercials.”

Meanwhile, Cam and the crew are celebrating. The Diplomats released a Limited Edition Mixtape CD & DVD to commemorate the release of Sizzurp. The set features Kanye West, T.I, N.O.R.E, Fab, Game, Papoose, Trick Daddy, J.R. Writer and others.

Scott has not announced any formal boycott.

On the musical front, Cam'ron will hit with Purple Haze on July 20 and Jim Jones will release his untitled solo later this summer.