Providence, RI Officials Cancel 'Street Dreams Concert'

The Street Dreams

Tour date in Providence, RI was canceled yesterday (Mar. 14), when city officials

could not reach an agreement with the 18-year-old promoter on a license restriction.


to The Providence Journal, an earlier agreement reached between the Board

of Licenses and promoter Lowell Williams fell apart, causing the Mar. 29 date

at the Dunkin Donuts Center to be canceled.

The board demanded that none of the artists appear at any after parties in the

area, to reduce the risk of violence. The

artists agreed, but the deal fell apart when the board also demanded that performers

be paid their remaining fees at least 12 hours after their performances, in order

to guarantee that the rappers abided by the terms of the agreement.

Last week, The Providence Police Department voiced their concerns and objected

to the Mar. 29 Street Dreams Tour date, which features headliners Young Jeezy,

Jim Jones, Lil' Wayne, Baby, Fat Joe and Rich BoyPolice

said Jones' association with the Bloods street gang could cause bloodshed, because

the Providence metropolitan area is mainly Crip territory. The

police also labeled Cash Money Records CEO Bryan "Baby/Birdman" Williams

and platinum selling rapper Lil' Wayne as gang members.Williams

lawyer Robert D'Amico said that the performers were unwilling to wait that long

to be paid the remaining balance of their performance fees, where are normally

paid prior to the artists performance. Despite

the fact that The Street Dreams Tour has played two dates with no issues or reports

of violence, Deputy Police Chief Paul J. Kennedy was pleased with the board's

decision to revoke the license and cancel the concert. Kennedy

said the decision was made on Jones' and the other rappers ties to gangs and had

nothing to do with Hip-Hop music. “It’s

really important that the city and the Police Department look at the history of

specific bands and specific acts," Kennedy said.