Public Enemy Prepares New Album, World Tour

To commemorate their 15th year anniversary, Public

Enemy is preparing to release their latest LP, "Revolverlution."

The album, which features 14 tracks, 8 of which are new songs, also contains

four new versions of classic Public Enemy hits, produced by winners of a contest

that Chuck D. had on his label's website,

In addition to the producers that won the Internet

contest, DJ Johnny Juice, Gary G-Wiz and Professor Griff also took the production

duties on the latest release. "Too many rappers give the fans what they

want instead of what they need," group member Professor Griff told

"We aren't the ones to tell people what they need, but this hip-hop game

needs an overhaul."

The group recently shot the video for the first

single, "Give The Peeps What They Need," in front of 60,000 people

at CMGI Field in Boston. In addition to the album, which is due in stores July

23rd, the group is planning a world tour to support the release. "This

being the 15th year of Public Enemy it was necessary to release a new record,"

Chuck D. said. "We've never chased the charts, bent to industry politics,

or degraded ourselves or our people just to sell records, so the fact that we

still record and perform although not on a full-time basis, is for the the love

of the music the people and the rap genre within."

In related Public Enemy news, Chuck has finished

recording an album, "We Are Gathered Here," with Fine Arts Militia,

based on his lecture subjects. Professor Griff is working on material for his

group The 7th Octave, which also makes an appearance in the "Give The Peeps

What They Need" video. Terminator X, who has been replaced with DJ Lord,

is still farming Ostriches.