Public Enemy Rapper Chuck D. Launching New Mobile Company

Public Enemy front man Chuck D is entering the wireless communication market with his new mobile-content aggregation company, Chuck D Mobile.

The goal of the service, launched earlier this month at the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Wireless Show in Las Vegas, is to wirelessly distribute music and videos to cell phones.

The rapper is working with M-Qube, a Watertown, Mass.-based company that helps other companies make their content available on mobile phones, to develop the service.

Chuck D Mobile will provide ring tones, voice tones, music clips and videos as well as full-length songs from a variety of artists.

The service will serve as a way for music lovers to access more music and allow artists to more easily get their music out to the masses.

Ultimately, Chuck D hopes artists can use mobile services to bypass record labels.

"I'm a fan of spreading artistry and for artists to do their own thing," the rapper told Forbes Wireless Stock Watch. "But content creators usually have to run into middle men first who judge their art before it goes to the masses. It should be the other way."