Publicist Says Russell Simmons Raped Her; Sheri Sher Issues Statement

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More allegations hit Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons.

(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Russell Simmons has been aggressively defending himself from sensational allegations of rape.

And now the Def Jam founder will have to defend himself against another new claim.

According to a report on, Russell Simmons allegedly tried to rape a publicist named Kelly Cutrone in 1991.

Cutrone said she came forward, because she was furious that Simmons made a #NotMe hashtag, piggybacking off of the #MeToo woman's rights movement.

"He pushed me into his apartment and then he threw me down on the floor and literally tried to grab...take my clothes off of me,” Kelly Cutrone told . “And I started kicking him really, really hard, screaming, telling him to get the f##k off of me. And that I would have him killed if he ever f##king laid a hand on me.” She added, “I actually think I told him I would call Page Six! I was a publicist! I think I told him I would call Page Six and have him murdered.”

This week, Simmons, 60, was accused of raping or sexually harassing eight different women, who came forward in the stories for the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

The allegations added to three previous claims against Russell Simmons, who is the founder of companies like Def Jam, Phat Farm, and All Def Digital.

In the LA Times' piece, rap pioneer Sheri Sher of the Mercedes Ladies made the shocking claims that Simmons forcefully raped her in 1983.

Sheri Sher recently issued a statement, saying that like Kelly Cutrone, she could not believe Russell Simmons was being so adamant in denying the claims.

"I'm appalled that Russell is sitting there calling these women liars and calling me a liar," Sheri Sher said. "I'm not trying to bash him, but you did what you did, and what you did in the dark comes to light."

Russell Simmons and his attorneys have vowed to fight the latest round of allegations.

Simmons, who stepped down from his companies on November 30th started the #NotMe hashtag on December 14 and took a polygraph test to prove his innocence.

Simmons has vowed to cooperate with an alleged investigation being conducted by the NYPD's Special Victim's Unit.

As of press time, Russell Simmons has not addressed Kelly Cutrone's accusations.

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Its attempted rape on the publicist not actual rape. Please try and get the facts straight so no one is spreading fake news. Fact checking is the soul of journalism.


Russ took a polygraph!? I'm probably late to this one but that mind over matter yoga ish looks mad suspect now hahaha....