Puff And Bodyguard Acquitted, Shyne Guilty


Daddy was acquitted Friday of possession of an

illegal handgun and later trying to bribe his driver to cover

the alleged shooting. When the verdict was read, Combs was

holding a copy of the Bible. ``I told him, `You've got your

life back,''' Cochran said outside the courtroom. ''`Good

luck. Do the best with it.''' Combs faced up to 29 years in

prison had he been convicted of bribery and both weapons possession

charges. His bodyguard, Anthony ``Wolf'' Jones, was acquitted

of the same charges.

Shyne Barrow,

who had been charged with attempted murder, was convicted

of two counts of assault for the shooting inside the club

in the early morning hours of Dec. 27, 1999.

The trial stretched

nearly seven weeks, with jurors hearing from 59 witnesses

and examining more than 130 pieces of evidence.