Puff Hit With Papers


who just released his latest CD, P. Diddy and the Bad Boy

Family: The Saga Continues, was slapped with a child support

lawsuit as he was leaving the Regis & Kelly show. According

to people present at the scene, Puff came out of the building

and stopped to sign autographs for fans on West 67th Street.

Caswell Bryan,

the man who served Puff, posed as a fan. He stuck out a

notebook appearing to ask for an autograph and stuck the

papers in the CEO's hand.

Puff's ex, Kim

Porter is suing Puffy over more child support for their

son, Christian. He currently pays out $7,000 a month now.

Puffy listed all of his children as Executive Producers

on the latest album. Kim Porter has raised money issues

in the past with Puff Daddy, and recently was almost evicted

from her Manhattan apartment for not paying back rent.

She filed a

paternity suit last month accusing Puff of cheating on Jennifer

Lopez. According to the lawsuit, while Puff has aknowledge

his role as father, she wants an order declaring him to

be the boys "legal father," and more money. The

suit demands 17 percent of his adjusted gross income, money

for a full time live in nanny, summer camp money, after

school program money, tutors, lessons and private school



a great father and we're working things out," Porter

told the New York Post. "The procedures we're going

through are standard procedures, we just have to get everything

signed, sealed and delivered with a court order."