Puff's Case Takes A Turn

Puffy's trial doesn't seem

to be getting any easier. According to testimony from Puff's

driver, Wardel Ferguson, Puff did indeed tuck a black handgun

into his waist before entering the club. He also testified after

the shooting that Puff tried to hide the gun in one of the secret

compartments of the custom SUV and also attempted to bribe him

after the shooting, to take credit for the gun possession charge.

"Mr. Combs

then turned to me and he whispered in a hushed voice. His exact

words were, 'I will give you $50,000 to say the gun was yours,'"

Fenderson said. "He said, 'I'm Puff Daddy, I can't take

this gun." During cross examination, Fenderson held his

ground. As he pulled the car in front of the club, "people

started to run out of the club and I heard them yelling, 'Shooting,

shooting, there's a shooting inside.'"

Fenderson claimed

he ran from police out of his fear for Anthony "Wolf"

Jones, who has struck the father of three before during a disagreement.

The prosecution

also played a recorded telephone conversation, in which Puff

offers to make Fenderson and his family very comfortable and

Fenderson took it as Puff's willingness to increase the amount

of his bribe.

Outside of the courtroom,

Puff's mother, Janice Combs said: "My son is innocent.

There are two sides to every story. You've only heard one."